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--[[Utente:Millosh|Millosh]] <small>([[User talk:Millosh|disc.]])</small> 18:03, 6 gen 2015 (CET)
:{{Ping|Nemo bis}} tu che ne dici? La lista dei nomi di uccelli non saprei, ma la prima parte del progetto potrebbe essere interessante... vogliamo provare a girare una mail in merito a WMI <small>a cui non risponderà nessuno ;D</small>? --[[Discussioni utente:Barbasock|Barbaking]]<small><sup>''da mobile''</sup></small> 11:43, 8 gen 2015 (CET)
:: Heh, I thought just Google Translate translation of "non saprei" is ambiguous, but it seems that it's contextually dependent :) So, if you didn't understand well the part with Ornithological dictionary, the idea is theoretically the same as the idea of lexicological terminology. The entries of the dictionary are grouped by the Latin names of the species. We could easily take English names from English Wikipedia. It's about 370 species. So, we'll have the names of those birds in Latin, Serbian and English. We could do the same with other languages, as well. As one Wiktionary is the sum of bilingual dictionaries toward particular language (besides being a monolingual dictionary of particular language), if we organize our work well enough, we'd be able to have the names of those 370 species in all languages on all Wiktionaries. So, for example, if we translate them into 100 languages, Italian Wiktionary would have those 370 species in 100 languages, which makes 37,000 entries. That would be the same for the other Wiktionaries. Besides particular project and particular contribution, I think it would be great opportunity to improve cross-Wiktionary cooperation, which won't be related just to the Ornithological dictionary of Serbian language. --[[Utente:Millosh|Millosh]] <small>([[User talk:Millosh|disc.]])</small> 17:15, 8 gen 2015 (CET)
:: In relation to WMI, yes, I think it would be a good idea to contact them. There are good cultural connections between Italy and Serbia and I am sure that Wikimedia projects in Italian could benefit from our cooperation with Matica srpska. Should we start writing the letter here? Let's draft it here, then write in English, then you could translate it into Italian and we could send it to WMI. You could give your input in Italian and we'll find a way to translate it :) I see that you are able to read English :) --[[Utente:Millosh|Millosh]] <small>([[User talk:Millosh|disc.]])</small> 17:15, 8 gen 2015 (CET)