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:::Are you sure that those words aren't proper nouns? in the english page [[w:en:English]] the translations of the proper noun is "angliškai". Another tip: you changed some translation from "albanese" to "in albanese", and other similar. In italian [[albanese]] is a noun and an adjective. Anyway the translation "in albanese" doesn't make sense as definition. The word "in" is used in phrases like this "questo libro è '''in albanese'''" that means "this book is in Albanian language". I don't speak lituanian, but some edits of you doesn't seem correct. --[[User:Diuturno|Diuturno]] <small>([[User talk:Diuturno|disc.]])</small> 12:25, 18 lug 2008 (CEST)
:::: I'm shue that all names of languages in Lithuanian are not proper noun. For names of languages usualy are used not proper noun of nation 2 plural form and noun [[kalba]]. ''anglų kalba'', ''albanų kalba'', . . . Noun [[kalba]] may by is not used in plases where is spoken about languages. Anglų, prancūzų, . . . And for description of language in that is spoken or writing in Lithuanian is used adverbs. Lietuviškai, angliškai, rusiškai galiu bendrauti. [[User:Vpovilaitis|Vpovilaitis]] <small>([[User talk:Vpovilaitis|disc.]])</small> 13:15, 18 lug 2008 (CEST)