questo è lo script che usa il bot per creare le forme flesse; è fondamentalmente il pagefromfile.py lievemente modificato per aggiungere un template di avviso quando modifica una pagina esistente. Si chiama "verbfromfile" anche se in realtà si può usare per tutto, a seconda di cosa si mette nel file txt di riferimento.

comando per farlo partire:

pwb.py verbfromfile.py -pt:10 -start:{{-start-}} -end:{{-stop-}} -file:NOMEDELFILE.txt -appendbottom -notitle -summary:"[[Wikizionario:Bot|bot]] - creo forma flessa"

Bot to upload pages from a file.

This bot takes its input from a file that contains a number of
pages to be put on the wiki. The pages should all have the same
begin and end text (which may not overlap).

By default the text should have the intended title of the page
as the first text in bold (that is, between ''' and '''),
you can modify this behavior with command line options.

The default is not to include the begin and
end text in the page, if you want to include that text, use
the -include option.

Specific arguments:
-start:xxx      Specify the text that marks the beginning of a page
-end:xxx        Specify the text that marks the end of a page
-file:xxx       Give the filename we are getting our material from
                (default: dict.txt)
-include        The beginning and end markers should be included
                in the page.
-titlestart:xxx Use xxx in place of ''' for identifying the
                beginning of page title
-titleend:xxx   Use xxx in place of ''' for identifying the
                end of page title
-notitle        do not include the title, including titlestart, and
                titleend, in the page
-nocontent      If page has this statment it doesn't append
                (example: -nocontent:"{{infobox")
-noredirect     if you don't want to upload on redirect page
                it is True by default and bot adds pages to redirected pages
-summary:xxx    Use xxx as the edit summary for the upload - if
                a page exists, standard messages are appended
                after xxx for appending, prepending, or replacement
-autosummary    Use MediaWikis autosummary when creating a new page,
                overrides -summary in this case
-minor          set minor edit flag on page edits

If the page to be uploaded already exists:
-safe           do nothing (default)
-appendtop      add the text to the top of it
-appendbottom   add the text to the bottom of it
-force          overwrite the existing page
# (C) Andre Engels, 2004
# (C) Pywikibot team, 2005-2014
# Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
__version__ = '$Id$'

import os
import re
import codecs

import pywikibot
from pywikibot import config, Bot, i18n

class NoTitle(Exception):

    """No title found."""

    def __init__(self, offset):
        self.offset = offset

class PageFromFileRobot(Bot):

    Responsible for writing pages to the wiki.

    Titles and contents are given by a PageFromFileReader.


    def __init__(self, reader, **kwargs):
            'always': True,
            'force': False,
            'append': None,
            'summary': None,
            'minor': False,
            'autosummary': False,
            'nocontent': '',
            'redirect': True

        super(PageFromFileRobot, self).__init__(**kwargs)
        self.reader = reader

    def run(self):
        """Start file processing and upload content."""
        for title, contents in self.reader.run():
            self.save(title, contents)

    def save(self, title, contents):
        """Upload page content."""
        mysite = pywikibot.Site()

        page = pywikibot.Page(mysite, title)
        self.current_page = page

        if self.getOption('summary'):
            comment = self.getOption('summary')
            comment = i18n.twtranslate(mysite, 'pagefromfile-msg')

        comment_top = comment + " - " + i18n.twtranslate(
            mysite, 'pagefromfile-msg_top')
        comment_bottom = comment + " - " + i18n.twtranslate(
            mysite, 'pagefromfile-msg_bottom')
        comment_force = "%s *** %s ***" % (
            comment, i18n.twtranslate(mysite, 'pagefromfile-msg_force'))

        # Remove trailing newlines (cause troubles when creating redirects)
        contents = re.sub('^[\r\n]*', '', contents)

        if page.exists():
            if not self.getOption('redirect') and page.isRedirectPage():
                pywikibot.output(u"Page %s is redirect, skipping!" % title)
            pagecontents = page.get(get_redirect=True)
            if self.getOption('append') == 'top':
                pywikibot.output(u"Page %s already exists, appending on top!"
                                     % title)
                contents = contents + pagecontents + "\n{{Utente:Barbabot/Controllare}}\n"
                comment = comment_top
            elif self.getOption('append') == 'bottom':
                pywikibot.output(u"Page %s already exists, appending on bottom!"
                                     % title)
                contents = pagecontents + '\n' + contents + "\n{{Utente:Barbabot/Controllare}}\n"
                comment = comment_bottom
            elif self.getOption('force'):
                pywikibot.output(u"Page %s already exists, ***overwriting!"
                                 % title)
                comment = comment_force
                pywikibot.output(u"Page %s already exists, not adding!" % title)
            if self.getOption('autosummary'):
                comment = ''
                config.default_edit_summary = ''

        self.userPut(page, page.text, contents,

class PageFromFileReader:

    Responsible for reading the file.

    The run() method yields a (title, contents) tuple for each found page.


    def __init__(self, filename, pageStartMarker, pageEndMarker,
                 titleStartMarker, titleEndMarker, include, notitle):

        Check if self.file name exists. If not, ask for a new filename.
        User can quit.

        self.filename = filename
        self.pageStartMarker = pageStartMarker
        self.pageEndMarker = pageEndMarker
        self.titleStartMarker = titleStartMarker
        self.titleEndMarker = titleEndMarker
        self.include = include
        self.notitle = notitle

    def run(self):
        """Read file and yield page title and content."""
        pywikibot.output('\n\nReading \'%s\'...' % self.filename)
            with codecs.open(self.filename, 'r',
                             encoding=config.textfile_encoding) as f:
                text = f.read()

        except IOError as err:
            raise IOError

        position = 0
        length = 0
        while True:
                length, title, contents = self.findpage(text[position:])
            except AttributeError:
                if not length:
                    pywikibot.output(u'\nStart or end marker not found.')
                    pywikibot.output(u'End of file.')
            except NoTitle as err:
                pywikibot.output(u'\nNo title found - skipping a page.')
                position += err.offset

            position += length
            yield title, contents

    def findpage(self, text):
        """Find page to work on."""
        pageR = re.compile(re.escape(self.pageStartMarker) + "(.*?)" +
                           re.escape(self.pageEndMarker), re.DOTALL)
        titleR = re.compile(re.escape(self.titleStartMarker) + "(.*?)" +

        location = pageR.search(text)
        if self.include:
            contents = location.group()
            contents = location.group(1)
            title = titleR.search(contents).group(1)
            if self.notitle:
                # Remove title (to allow creation of redirects)
                contents = titleR.sub('', contents, count=1)
        except AttributeError:
            raise NoTitle(location.end())
            return location.end(), title, contents

def main(*args):
    Process command line arguments and invoke bot.

    If args is an empty list, sys.argv is used.

    @param args: command line arguments
    @type args: list of unicode
    # Adapt these to the file you are using. 'pageStartMarker' and
    # 'pageEndMarker' are the beginning and end of each entry. Take text that
    # should be included and does not occur elsewhere in the text.

    # TODO: make config variables for these.
    filename = "dict.txt"
    pageStartMarker = "{{-start-}}"
    pageEndMarker = "{{-stop-}}"
    titleStartMarker = u"'''"
    titleEndMarker = u"'''"
    options = {}
    include = False
    notitle = False

    for arg in pywikibot.handle_args(args):
        if arg.startswith("-start:"):
            pageStartMarker = arg[7:]
        elif arg.startswith("-end:"):
            pageEndMarker = arg[5:]
        elif arg.startswith("-file:"):
            filename = arg[6:]
        elif arg == "-include":
            include = True
        elif arg.startswith('-append') and arg[7:] in ('top', 'bottom'):
            options['append'] = arg[7:]
        elif arg == "-force":
            options['force'] = True
        elif arg == "-safe":
            options['force'] = False
            options['append'] = None
        elif arg == "-noredirect":
            options['redirect'] = False
        elif arg == '-notitle':
            notitle = True
        elif arg == '-minor':
            options['minor'] = True
        elif arg.startswith('-nocontent:'):
            options['nocontent'] = arg[11:]
        elif arg.startswith("-titlestart:"):
            titleStartMarker = arg[12:]
        elif arg.startswith("-titleend:"):
            titleEndMarker = arg[10:]
        elif arg.startswith("-summary:"):
            options['summary'] = arg[9:]
        elif arg == '-autosummary':
            options['autosummary'] = True
            pywikibot.output(u"Disregarding unknown argument %s." % arg)

    failed_filename = False
    while not os.path.isfile(filename):
        pywikibot.output('\nFile \'%s\' does not exist. ' % filename)
        _input = pywikibot.input(
            'Please enter the file name [q to quit]:')
        if _input == 'q':
            failed_filename = True
            filename = _input

    # show help text from the top of this file if reader failed
    # or User quit.
    if failed_filename:
        reader = PageFromFileReader(filename, pageStartMarker, pageEndMarker,
                                    titleStartMarker, titleEndMarker, include,
        bot = PageFromFileRobot(reader, **options)

if __name__ == "__main__":