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Hi, SemperBlotto. Yesterday I tried to add the word "Adivasi" (after I did some gnoming in as an IP here but the IP was blocked (for a whole year, mind you). I tried to create an account ad hoc as "Lacking Adivasi" but it showed me this:

Account creation from this IP address ( has been blocked by SemperBlotto. 
The reason given by SemperBlotto is Intimidating behaviour/harassment: repeat offense (multiple) 
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Yesterday I created an ad hoc account in fr.wikt in order to go back to en.wikt and make the addition but impossible once again. I see today that I still cannot edit in en.wikt (from the same IP account, in a public library, by the way. I still get the same message if I try to log in in en.wikt and, if I log in fr.wikt and jump to en.wikt, I just disappear as a user), so I am leaving this message in this and a few other wiktionaries in the hope you eventually read it.

The word "Adivasi" is used as an English word (you can read it regurlarily, for example, in Arundhati Roy's articles in English) but I cannot contact you in en.wikt so, could you add the word in the requested entries page for me, please?

By the way, I have just discovered two mistakes that you (or me when/if I am allowed) can also correct in en.wikt. One in en:pitón (the plural is "pitones", not "pitónes") and the other one, logically, in en:pitónes: it should be moved to en:pitones. Regards. --Lacking Adivasi (disc.) 12:02, 3 lug 2010 (CEST)Rispondi[rispondi]